What can you face during your sport career and how can you “learn-for-life”? What is your sport profile and which areas can you improve? Supporting and helping young talented athletes in their sport is our mission.

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Nieuw 'Het spel'

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MY SPORT TALENT was founded to support young talented athletes in their sport journey. Dare to take the liberty of making choices, understand what is OK and what is not. Create and build the environment around you where you can be at your best. Asking any athlete in any sport about their goal and ambition as a 12 year old: participate in the Olympics is most likely their answer. Dreaming of the Olympics or becoming a pro athlete in soccer, tennis, golf, cycling or any other sport is great and keeps youngsters motivated. Only for a limited and exceptional group of talented athletes this goal is achievable. That is why we consider it ultimate important that all young athletes ENJOY their journey in sports.

Learn from your experiences, build capabilities and friendships that will support you for the rest of your life.

MY SPORT TALENT supports in performance coaching, we offer the book ‘my sport talent’ AND developed a sport coaching tool: ‘GOLD-SILVER-BRONZE”. It is a sport coaching game where you and or your team can win insights in who you are, what you are good at, where you think you can develop as an individual and/or as a team and also just to have a fun evening with a good depth conversation with your coach, staff or family.

Contact - Rik, My Sport Talent

The book 'My sport talent'

Our book is addressed to you, young athletes. What is talent? How do you develop your talent?

The book “my sport talent” is under construction for the UK version; it contains tips & tricks and findings on your sport carreer.

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The game 'Gold-Silver-Bronze'

The game is called “GOLD-SILVER-BRONZE” and address physical talent (gold) mental talent (silver) and your environment (bronze). Get more insights on yourself and your team by playing the game.


Interested in our game? More info on setting up a game night or how to use the sport coaching tool? Contact us and happy to discuss how we can help.