About coaching.


Are you a young athlete? Do you want to improve and looking to extend your trainer/coach staff with an agnostic view on “you”? Are you stuck not knowing what is the right next step and seeking for independent support? Or are you an athlete or team that’s willing to invest to go to a next level?

We are working in many countries with former pro athletes: coaching or (online) clinics by former Olympians (male or female) is possible.

One of our top coaches is Laurien Bourguignon-Hoos; she is a former Olympic heptathlon athlete (Beijing 2008) and certified coach practitioner. Living in France and used to train in the UK so there is no language barrier either.



Together Each Achieve More. To become a team you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team mates. What is the role of the coach, team captain and who are you within this team? We developed a sports talent game that guarantees fun but also deeper insights and perspectives. Want to know more how we can fit this to your team? Email us and we’ll fit your request.

Contact us and together we’ll find out on what are your best next steps

 Voor ons staat ‘team’ voor ‘Together Each Achieve More’, oftewel: samen bereik je afzonderlijk meer. We gaan in een coaching setting vanuit openheid en eerlijkheid een verdieping maken in ‘wat zijn jouw en jullie talenten’. Hoe gaan we als team en hoe ga jij stappen maken? Welke rol speelt de trainer/coach, welke rol spelen jullie en wat beteken jij in dit geheel? Welke van jouw talenten zet je in? Vanuit een spelsituatie kunnen we in grappige, maar ook in pittige (maar mooie) situaties komen. Er voor open staan is voor ons ‘goud’, er van leren is  voor ons ‘zilver’ en er een routine van maken is voor ons ‘brons’. Scoren jullie alle medailles?

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