The Sport Coaching Game English


We developed a great coaching tool called the SPORT COACHING GAME! It fully covers the 3 elements of successful sport profiles GOLD-SILVER-BRONZE. Gold your physical ability: what are your strengths and what do you want to improve? Silver is who you are mentally, what are your triggers, where would you like to grow, where do you feel uncertain? And what gives you that extra power or makes you happy? Bronze; your environment: what is your home situation, how lucky are you? Are you covered by the right club or federation? Is your (medical) staff sufficiënt? What changes can you make to create a better environment for you or your team?

Several playing variants:

  1. Play the profile game with your coach or parents and gain insights in who you are or who other look at you. What you can win? A better understanding of “you”and how you can develop yourself and you as an athlete.
  2. Plan an evening session with your team and PLAY. Your team will win info on who you are as individuals, where you can help each other and where to grow.
  3. Play in a larger group the fast variant; DARE to be open, dare to explain to others what key elements make you so unique and vice versa: how do others in a few words see “you”. Is there something that the team or group does not know about you and you’d like to share?

Playing GOLD-SILVER-BRONZE is guaranteed to be an interesting and fun learningful experience which helps you to define next steps in your sport career.